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Re: Armour

1997-11-21 14:35:43
One more time, folks:  If you are using the absence of MIME from some
current usage of email then you are using a fundamentally flawed argument.
MIME is being adopted.  The rate of adoption (i.e., growth in use) is
proceeding nicely.  We are not early in the process, so the assessment does
not represent fantasy.

If you are noting that some use of PGP is, or can be, outside of
environments that use MIME (i.e., not Internet mail and not the Web), then
you are right that they would have to add MIME support to work.  What you
are missing is that MIME has become the standard way of solving such
packaging, labeling and protecting requirements for the net.  

There is nothing wrong with PGP's having invented its own solution, at the
time that was done.

There is everything wrong with failing to switch to MIME use now.

We went through this same, silly problem when PEM was being developed and
it was one of the reasons PEM died.  MOSS attempted to fix the problem but
it was too late.

It sure would be nice if folks learned some lessons from that experience.

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