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CTC-PGP5 - Interoperability

1997-11-19 22:57:52
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this....but as it is related to
pgp and a implementation of PGP perhaps it is...



CTC-PGP5 - Interoperability

If you have PGP5 working and can send me so specimen output please e-mail.

When we embarked on this, we had no documentation of the formats, and have
been working largely on our own
analysis of samples and the released source.

However there are now a number of documents available from the OpenPGP
Working Group in the IETF. These

       PGP Inc.'s initial documentation of PGP Message Exchange Formats
       RFC 1991, PGP Message Exchange Formats
       RFC 2015, MIME Security with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

We view achieving maximum interoperability with all other PGP-format
encryption software very important. PGP5.0
is currently very important.

CTC Approach

This out-lines how we intend to handle these changes and the facilities we
intend including:-


We are far more concerned with inter-site interoperatibility than with
individuals being able to use more than one
program on the same files on a single machine. In the short term at least,
we will be primarily interested in formats
routinely transmitted between sites (normally encrypted files, public keys
and signatures) than formats that normally
stay on the site of origin (conventional encrypted files and secret keys).

We are also far more interested in reading all formats than writing all
formats. All PGP-compatible variants in use will
read Version 3 (PGP2.6) formats. However in some cases, notably storing new
format keys in key-rings, writing
packets is also necessary for effective interoperability.


We now have all the basic operations necessary for inter-operability coded
and to at least some extent working. We
cannot claim that any of these are really "tested". The main problem is a
lack of software to test it against.

CTB format

We have implemented:-

       the correct reading of new-style CTB.

We ultimately intend to implement:-

       the writing of new-style CTBs for record types greater than 15 only.

Version 4 packets

We have implemented:-

       Reading version 4 public key certificates
       Reading sub-key certificates
       Reading version 4 signature (SKE) packets
       Writing all of the above packets

There are no immediate plans to provide for generating, reading, writing or
using DSA/D-H secret keys.


We have implemented the following operations:-

       3-DES encryption/decryption
       DSA signature verification
       D-H encryption
       New style (SHA-1 fingerprint based) calculation of key Id.s.


       We don't have a CAST implementation.
       We need people with working version of PGP5 to help us with testing.


"They say that we are yesterday's men. They say that we represent
yesterday's ideas and values. All I can say is that perhaps it is
better than today's men, who have no ideas, and no values."
-- Pierre E. Trudeau.

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