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PGP, evolving.

1997-11-25 03:11:48
At 01:15 AM 11/25/97 -0800, you wrote:

Adam Back writes:

Yes and no. Of course transparency will help. HOWEVER, many of PGP
users have either no time, or no skills (or "no" both) to modify
the software that interfaces between their favorite whatever
and PGP. For me it is Mailcrypt/XEmacs. Until *that* part
is taken care of - don't expect people to switch.

I think mailcrypt users are small in number.  We should ask Pat
LoPresti if he wants to hack in pgp5.x support.

Has anyone bothered with a netscape plug-in?

Eudora is nice, get that and netscape and OE and you'd be close to quitting
(since I gather there is already a pine integration).

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