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Re: PGP evolving, improving

1997-11-26 10:42:55
Peterson is quite mistaken in his post below.
(who  8*)

Free PGP had used RSAREF (for RSA), a software package made available free 
by RSADSI for anyone's non-commercial use. No patent issues, fees, or 
litigation are involved. This is TOTALLY clear, not "not exactly clear" 
as Peterson claims.  There is no "may be exempt" about those versions of 
free PGP. Thay are, in fact, fully licensed for non-commercial use of RSA.  
He should read the RSAREF license.

May have changed but when it first came out I looked into the RSAREF and 
was rather astounded by the wording of the "free" license agreement - looked
like something Microsoft might have written. Wasn't even something the I,
as a hobbyist, would sign since the restrictions seemed to outlive the 

Not going into the fact that you missed my point entirely since it is more
properly directed at PGP Inc. - Is there something in the license you have
with RSA for the commercial product that limits what you can put into a 
"free" version without paying RSA a fee ? If that is "no" then I too will
ask why the free version should not contain the older mechanisms for 
compatability. (I use the commercial version so do not know if it does or
does not).

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