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Re: Armour

1997-11-27 03:04:41
If you hadn't noticed, I am now trying to keep all my posts to around a
page. A lot of people on this list seem to simply skip anything longer

I agree with Gavin's points, and thought I would just quickly summarise
them for said people:

O/PGP cannot define the contents of the file system at large, 
but it can define a valid file for its own purposes.  Nothing will ever 
stop people from sometimes serving the wrong files to an application...  
we still need to repack the file if we want to transmit it over the
internet and mime is the way to go in that area.

If it 
has not been suggested already let's get multi byte alphabets built into 
the standard from the ground up.  No late add-on fixits to cater for the 
Chinese, Hindu, Japanese... scripts.  These are all huge markets and 
getting bigger, and I believe there is already an ISO standard for these 
alphabets.  We don't have to invent this wheel.  Just use it and make 
O/PGP savvy with it.

PGP/MIME does not provide methods to
encapsulate some legal PGP packet structures which were expected not to
be used for email.

Propose the packets for inclusion.

Ian :D

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