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David, get stuffed.

1997-11-30 14:14:58
Please take your borderline paranoia and correspondence-school 
legalese back to the alt groups where it belongs.  Your continued 
posts to this list under forged headers is simply the icing on the cake.
You refuse to acknowledge that people simply dont give a rat's ass
about what you have to say, and now you're making an effort to 
render our sternlight-filters inoperable.  The only other group to 
use such tactics are the bulk-emailers.   Nice company you're keeping.

You've said it all before.  We understand your position.  You think it
is perfectly OK that the underlying crypto routines used throughout
the net should be required to pay RSA a royalty.  This group does not.
There is no middle ground in this argument, so why waste your breath
trying to convince us?

Please, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, get the hell out
of here and don't come back.


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