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Re: Helpful

1997-11-30 14:10:36
An anonymous coward forwarded a discussion from another newsgroup to the Open 
PGP mailing list in an
attempt to inflame the discussion here. The comments were in the context of the 
discussion and tone in
the newsgroups to which they were originally posted, but are both inflammatory 
and off-topic for the
style and tone of the Open PGP mailing list. I ask readers to disregard it, 
though the issues of
concern may be appropriate to another venue.


Mix wrote:

Subject: Re: RSA Blows Standards (S/MIME) Smoke
From: david(_at_)sternlight(_dot_)com (David Sternlight)
Date: 1997/11/06

In article <63t0q3$rkq(_at_)clarknet(_dot_)clark(_dot_)net>, 
gsh(_at_)clark(_dot_)net (Greg Hennessy) wrote:


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