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25 Million S/MIME Users

1997-11-30 16:48:32
about its business, and has by far the most massively installed base 
on the
in terms of both Netscape and Microsoft, as well as by far the 

Ok, I'll react to this, so as to resolve one myth:

1.      The 25 million+ installed user base of Netscape/MS counts as a user base
for S/MIME

Bollocks - how many of those people know, care or use the S/MIME integration
in Microsoft/Netscapes Mailers. I have IE & Communicator & Netscape 3.0
installed, but I don't use the S/MIME features in any of them. Given the
weak state of US export encryption this side of the pacific (Australia) I
doubt many people use S/MIME at all.

I doubt their is a high take of S/MIME in the US either.
Lindsay Mathieson
Black Paw Communications
        Using MailCat for Win32 Beta Vs, on December 1, 1997, in Win95 

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