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Re: proposed FP sig subpacket type

1998-01-23 08:54:18
* Vinnie Moscaritolo wrote:
I would like to suggest that a Issuer Key Fingerprint be added to the
acceptable  Signature Subpacket types (sec   I suspect that this
fingerprint should be an MPI since its a hash of the Issuer Signing key

Yes, there is a field for this purpose.

From the OpenPGP Reference implementation to be:
        lex_token '\x10' keyid

No, it's not a MPI.
        {lex_octets(8)} octets {memcpy($$, $2.field, 8); free($2.field)}

PS: Yes, I talked to John before. There will be a formal specification, too.
    (make draft at my system...) It will be GPLed.

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