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proposed FP sig subpacket type

1998-01-22 12:35:56
I would like to suggest that a Issuer Key Fingerprint be added to the
acceptable  Signature Subpacket types (sec   I suspect that this
fingerprint should be an MPI since its a hash of the Issuer Signing key

While I was  trying to write some code that will build and use standalone
signatures it occured to me that in order to test that a standalone
packet is valid  you either need to compare it against the Issuer's Key
Fingerprint or test the sig against a possible number of keyid matches.

I feel that Issuer Key ID is mostly useful for quick lookup a key, but
offers a higher chance of key collision than a fp would, so that having
both available is useful.

I understand that there is mmotavation to evolve the standard away from 8
octet keyIDs to nbyte key Fp, and this thing is beter addressed in a v2
spec, but this  addition in the v1 spec shouldnt break anything. (I hope)

any comments?

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