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Re: key revocation types (Re: implicit IDEA with V3 keys)

1998-06-02 09:37:45
At 11:52 AM 6/2/98 +0100, Adam Back wrote:
   The problem is that someone who has compromised your private keys can
   also sign a new key to propogate the trust.  If you allowed or defined
   the semantics of multiple revocations to be that the old trust was
   voided in the case that there is also a `compromise' revocation cert,
   then I think you can avoid this problem.
   Somewhat similar to seeing a public key on a key server with:
        `Don't use compromised' as a self signed user id
   followed by a new key signed by the old one anyway.
   Formalising what this should imply you shouldn't take any notice of
   the self signature as the keys it was made with were compromised.
   The user won't create a key compromise cert unless the key is
Again, we're in violent agreement.


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