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Re: Twofish

1999-01-12 17:27:15
Max Inux says:
Both Werner Koch and his GNUPG team and the NAI PGP team are planning on
putting Twofish (256-bit key) in versions of their respective OpenPGP
programs.............. Comments? Discussion?

I dont know about NAI, but from what Werner has said on the GPG list he
intends to remove Blowfish, which makes sense, I dont know about anyone
else but I have yet to see anyone use Blowfish, so why not just pretend it
was not there and just go with twofish?  after AES is done, it surely will
have been proven.

I second this. How many ciphers do we need, after all? We aren't in the
contest "who can support more", right?

So, Twofish is a logical successor for Blowfish - and let's treat it
like that. If people have Blowfish-encrypted stuff already (which I
doubt, but you never know) - they can do a one-time move. Better
than to carry unnecessary baggage.
Uri             uri(_at_)watson(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com

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