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Re: Restricting key sizes to mult of 64 bits

1999-04-14 13:14:56
hal(_at_)rain(_dot_)org writes:

At the same time, we are considering requiring that newly generated keys
of the other types, ElGamal and RSA, also be multiple of 64 bits (note

I can agree on a multiple of 8 bits but I don't the an advantage to 
use any other value.

to do the RSA calculations.  As it turned out, CAPI had a bug which
prevented it from working properly with unusual key sizes.  Those users
weren't able to use their keys with the CAPI version.

Working around bugs in one companies new product is a Bad Thing to do.
There are many other issues we could fix for them by changing the
standards ;-).  Adding workarounds for some products which are around
for a long time is a different thing.

Just my 0.02 Euros

Werner Koch at            keyid 621CC013