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Re: V5 signatures

1999-07-08 06:55:22
"Jon" == Jon Callas <jon(_at_)callas(_dot_)org> writes:

 Jon> An implementation is flawed (in my opinion) if it does something
 Jon> horrid with a future message. If a current implementation finds
 Jon> a V120 signature today (which is either a data error, or
 Jon> evidence of time travel), it shouldn't bus error, it should make
 Jon> some appropriate whimper. 

I'd put it more strongly than that.  Any implementation of any
protocol is defective if it crashes when presented with ANY message,
including messages deliberately and maliciously constructed.  It's
always allowed to complain, or toss the message, or stuff like that,
but "you sent me an invalid message" will never excuse a crash.


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