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CMS'99 - Communications and Multimedia Security

1999-07-14 07:15:06
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Communications and Multimedia Security is a joint working conference
of IFIP TC6 and TC11.

CMS'99 will be organized September 20-21, 1999
at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

On-line registration can be done at

Reduced fee of 250 EURO until August 1, 1999.

Draft program:


Monday, September 20

  8u00-8u45 Registration

  8u45-9u00 Welcome

  9u00-10u30 Network security: ATM and ISDN

    Security On ATM Networks 
    Stelios Karanastasis, Ahmed Patel 

    ISDN Security Services 
    Herbert Leitold, Karl Christian Posch, Reinhard Posch 

    An Alternative Access Control Architecture for IP over ATM Networks 
    Olivier Paul, Maryline Laurent 

  10u30-10u50 Coffee

  10u50-11u50 Applied Cryptology I

    Verifiable Democracy 
    Yvo Desmedt, Brian King 

    Efficient Oblivious Proofs of Correct Exponentiation 
    Markus Jakobsson, Claus Peter Schnorr 

  11u50-13u30  Lunch

  13u30-14u30  Invited talk (to be announced)

  14u30-15u30 Entity Authentication and Key Agreement Protocols

    Weaknesses in EHA Authentication and Key Distribution Protocol 
    Martin Stanek, Daniel Olejár 

    Formal Design of Efficient Authentication and Key-Agreement
    Gunnar Jacobson 

  15u30-16u00 Coffee

  16u00-17u30 Network security: IP

    Protecting Key Exchange and Management Protocols Against Resource
Clogging Attacks 
    Rolf Oppliger 

    Secured Distributed Virtual Conferencing 
    W.A. Adamson, C.J. Antonelli, K.W. Coffman, P. McDaniel, J. Rees 

    PIM-SM Security: Interdomain Issues and Solutions 
    Thomas Hardjono, Brad Cain 

  17u30-18u00 Recent results

  19u30 Banquet

Tuesday, September 21

  8:30-10u00 Protocols for Mobile Applications

    Attacks against the WAP WTLS protocol 
    Markku-Juhani Saarinen 

    A New Authentication Protocol for Portable Communication Systems 
    Sheng-bo Xu, Cees Jansen, Henk van Tilborg 

    Token Based Authentication for Handover Security 
    Yi Cheng, Arne Norefors 

  10u00-10u30 Coffee Break

  10u30-12u00 Applications

    On Authentication, Digital Signatures and Signature Laws 
    Per Kaijser 

    Watermarking and Secure Distribution for Encrypted Video 
    T. Amornraksa, D.R.B. Burgess, P. Sweeney 

    Implementing a Secure Log File Download Manager for the Java Card 
    Constantinos Markantonakis, Simeon Xenitellis 

  12u00-14u00 Lunch

  14u00-15u30 Applied Cryptology II

    How to Securely Broadcast a Secret 
    Jörg Schwenk 

    Proofs of Work and Bread Pudding Protocols 
    Markus Jakobsson, Ari Juels 

    Attack on Liu/Farrel/Boyd Arithmetic Coding Encryption Scheme 
    Takeyuki Uehara, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini 

  15u30-16u00 Coffee

  16u00-17u00 Web security

    Secure Data-Transfer for Web-Based Applications 
    Wolfgang Platzer 

    Using SESAME to Secure Web Based Applications on an Intranet 
    Paul Ashley, Mark Vandenwauver, Joris Claessens 


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