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Chained Encrypted Data Packets?

1999-11-08 13:10:05
Is this a good idea? Should I allow this? Anyone, anyone, Implementers?

Note -- after this was suggested, I argued that nothing in 2440 forbids
someone from doing this. Should I specifically encourage it?


Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 15:14:38 +0100
From: Andrea Halter <awhalter(_at_)stud(_dot_)ee(_dot_)ethz(_dot_)ch>
Organization: Kuesnachter Schwimm-Verein
To: ietf-open-pgp(_at_)imc(_dot_)org
CC: Marcel Waldvogel <mwa(_at_)tik(_dot_)ee(_dot_)ethz(_dot_)ch>
Subject: Semantics of having multiple encrypted data packets

To provide for random read/write semantics, we would like to chain
multiple Symmetrically Encrypted Data Packets, each of constant length.
In RFC 2440, this is not listed as one of the message formats.

Therefore, we suppose that our approach is not standards compliant. But
does any of you see a better way to support random access without
re-encrypting the whole message each time? Will other implementations be
able to understand this? Could we even tweak the standard into this
direction (ignoring that we're a few weeks late)?

Andi, Marcel

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