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Re: Double Wide SHA-1 & EL Gamal Signatures

1999-11-10 02:19:25
"William H. Geiger III" <whgiii(_at_)openpgp(_dot_)net> writes:

3 Algo 20 sigs [ElGamal (Encrypt or Sign)]

Probably these are all created by GnuPG.  When I started with GnuPG I
had no info about OpenPGP and used ElGamal for both encryption and
signing using an algo ID of 42.  Later I kept this as an optional 
algorithm for those who really want the large signatures and for a
while I sticked to algo 20 for the encryption subkey until I
recognized all the problems with the keyservers and PGP 5 so the
default is now to create a 17/16 key.

For GnuPG there is no difference between algo 16 and 20.  Both keys 
are not subject to the Bleichenbacher attack and therefore usable for

and over 500 Hash 4 sigs [SHA-1 (Double Width)]

Don't know about this and IMHO a combination of SHA-1 and RipeMD-160
may be better.

BTW, anything new about the rumours that the NSA has a new extendable
hash algorithm with a digest length of up to 512 bits?


Werner Koch at            keyid 621CC013

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