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Re: Moving forward

1999-11-11 12:26:22
At 10:19 AM +0200 10/12/99, Werner Koch wrote:

I see more and more demand for S/MIME applications.  To make OpenPGP
a success we should really agree on some topics and move forward to
get OpenPGP into draft standard state.

The principal task to move openPGP to DRAFT is to verify interoperability of the implementations which have been done. To do that I need a list of all the requirements in the protocol, their classification (MUST, SHOULD, MAY), and them determine who has implemented them. If there are problems implementing them, then we'll either have to fix them or drop them. If they are implemented, we need to verify that different implementations interpret them in the same way so that data is exchanged interoperably.

If Tony's list is accurate, then we have the table to use to measure implementations compliance.

john noerenberg
  There is no sorrow like the memory of love
  and the knowledge it is gone forever.
  -- Marion Zimmer Bradley, "The Mists of Avalon", 1982

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