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Re: PGP/MIME interop testing: Very first steps towards a test suite.

2000-04-01 03:35:36
On 2000-03-31 15:47:56 -0800, Jon Callas wrote:

So, popping back to your questions, no, we have to have
binary mode signatures, or else PGP/MIME can't sign a
binary file cross-platform.

Beg your pardon?  What PGP/MIME does is converting binary
data to a canonical text representation which matches
MIME's and OpenPGP's idea of canonical text.  That is,
with PGP/MIME (or any other signature standard based on
RFC 1847), all you have to look at are signatures of
textual data.  MIME does the conversion for you.

If all parties are using the same rules of what text
is, then it doesn't matter what mode you use, as long
as you use the same mode. If you want to cross a
text-rule boundary, you have to use the right mode.



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