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Re: Preparing a new draft.../ PGP versions 5 and later / ciphertext-format query.....

2001-08-22 09:29:33

Joe Tag <joe(_dot_)tag(_at_)juno(_dot_)com> writes:

I believe that PGP 5.0/5.0i is the MINIMUM BASIC version of the
software that end-users should use.  That version is available for
IBM PC-DOS/MS-DOS, and supports CAST/Diffie-Hellman, as well as
IDEA/RSA algorithms and protocols.

PGP 5 has security-related problems and is not compatible with OpenPGP

BTW: Why was Radix-64 developed; and what are the problems of having
ciphertext output as a hexadecimal file?

Hexadecimal streams encode 4 bits per character, while Radix-64
streams encode 6 bits per character, so a Radix-64 is somewhat shorter
than a hexadecimal stream.

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