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How to update a self-signature?

2001-08-25 07:48:19


Florian Weimer wrote:
This should probably go into a separate RFC.  Currently, RFC 2440 and
RFC 2440bis deal only with syntactic issues 

and Jon Callas wrote (this and subsequent quotes):
This is my point: I don't see an obvious best answer. Furthermore, 2440 is
a data specification standard, not a user interface guide or software

I understand that the specification primarily covers syntax, but
if it doesn't cover at least some interpretation issues, then
interoperation is seriously hampered.  Who cares how the bits
are ordered if a sender and receiver interpret wildly different things?
We need to have a meeting of the minds on more than just formatting.

Secondarily, one way I look at it is as a receiver. I fetch a key from a
server and it has multiple primaries. How do I resolve this? Yeah, there's

On this specific issue, I want to know what a *sender* must do
to change its "primary" marking such that a receiver will
understand.  The same applies to any material in the self-signature,
and this need may arise several times over a key/userId lifetime.

I'd be willing to issue a revocation on the old self-signature.  Which
of the "reason" values should be used?  Neither "key is superceded"
nor "userId information is no longer valid" is quite right.  I want
"signature is superceded".  How do people feel about adding such a reason?

While on the subject: the section on "Computing Signatures"
doesn't say what the "signature data" is for a certification
revocation (0x30).  Can we add a description there?

But I also offered a "most recent prevails" policy as an alternative.
One advantage to this approach is that it works even if the sender
has lost an old self-signature.  Another is that it is more compact --
extra revocation packets aren't necessary.

been one recommendation in the last 24 hours since I started writing this
reply that it be the first one that counts. Why? Why the first? Why not the

If I said that, I misspoke.  I strongly believe that "most recent prevails"
is the only sensible recommendation (if we make one at all).  But again,
an agreed revocation scheme would satisfy me.

last, unless of course it's in the future. Perhaps an even better answer is
to have the implementation ask the user which one to use.

That's always an option, regardless what the specification suggests.

But, I don't want to *force* user interface pop-ups (or even receiver
policy decisions) when the creator has clear intentions.

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