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RE: OpenPGP vs. X.509/PKCS

2002-02-21 15:18:00

So the question is: how could we turn OpenPGP into a more-money-making
infrastructure? And that comes down to: what kind of need would there be for
OpenPGP? If there is already X509? What can OpenPGP do what the other one
can't? And what kind of business model would go with that?

Is it feasible to think that as long as the 'mainstream' is not convinced of
the fact that OpenPGP can bring them _more_ money than X509 - that this
battle is moving towards a definite end?


From: Derek Atkins

Because "they" weren't making any money off of PGP. :)


john(_dot_)dlugosz(_at_)kodak(_dot_)com writes:

From: John Dlugosz

If PGP was indeed established as the first useful PK system,
why did "they"
come up with PKCS standards that are totally different?  Why
did PKCS-style
files and formats propigate through Internet standards, when all along
everyone was using PGP, and had access to that code?

       Derek Atkins
       Computer and Internet Security Consultant

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