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RE: OpenPGP vs. X.509/PKCS

2002-02-22 10:12:24

At the time PGP was created, there were a LOT of things that PGP
could offer than X.509 could not.  To name a few:

 - PGP certificates are MUCH smaller than X.509 in terms of 
the number
   of bytes required to represent the same semantic content.

If you see this as an important advantage, I can't understand why
still nobody is iteressted in integrating elliptic curves into the
openPGP standard (as I proposed in last august, you may find it at:

This Draft is now expired, but I still want it to become part 
of openPGP.

PS: my mail-account has changed:

Dominikus Scherkl
Mail: dominikusscherkl(_at_)glueckkanja(_dot_)com

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