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2002-04-15 07:35:48


The latest draft dropped a paragraph from 2.4:

  Note that many applications, particularly messaging applications,
  will want more advanced features as described in the OpenPGP-MIME
  document, RFC2015. An application that implements OpenPGP for
  messaging SHOULD implement OpenPGP-MIME.

I might have missed it but I can't remember that we agreed on this.  I
don't want to repeat the pros and cons here as we discussed this far
too often.  

Removing this requirement is a bad thing because a reader might get
the impression that PGP/MIME had been consired to be a failed idea.
This is definitely not the case and can't stress enough how important
PGP/MIME is.  The fact that some mail clients are not able to support
it is a pitty but not a reason to drop PGP/MIME.

U.S. centric programmers didn't care about 8 bit cleanness for many
many years and users all over the rest of the world had to suffer with
this problem.  Don't let this happen again by suggesting the use of

Thanks for releasing the draft, Jon.


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