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Re: Recipient-verifiable messages

2002-04-15 11:42:37

From: John Dlugosz

Anyway, both undeniable and designated confirmer signatures are patented
by Chaum, so they would probably not be suitable for use in a protocol
like OpenPGP.

In most cases, I think you can build anything out of anything else (if you
allow more round-trips), so a few primitives are all you need.  OpenPGP
provides public key encryption and ordinary signatures, as well as symetric
encryption and HMAC.  Those can be used as part of a protocol to do just
about anything.

A higher standard would say "here is how you use OpenPGP to do email" etc.
and specify such a protocol.  So, I don't think it is necessary to add any
new stuff to PGP, just to use what we have in some new way.


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