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literal data packet tags - nit

2002-04-17 02:34:59

(Section 5.9)

The language about the "l" tag in the current draft correctly describes the implementation in PGP-2.6. However, it does not describe what is in RFC 1991, which has "ASCII 1" instead - whatever that's supposed to mean.

Suggestion: Instead of "RFC 1991 ... deprecated", use the following language:

Earlier implementations also used a vlaue of 'l' as a 'local' mode for machine-local conversions. In RFC 1991, this value is (wrongly) given as 'ASCII 1'. The use of either of these literal data packet types is now deprecated.

(This is independent of any other changes we may wish to make to that section.)
Thomas Roessler                        <roessler(_at_)does-not-exist(_dot_)org>

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