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Re: Comments on ECC draft

2002-09-24 03:35:12


I'd like to bring this up again before the next revision of 
the draft. How close are we to consensus on the ECC semantics?

Indeed I thought there isn't anybody interessted in this...
what a very positive surprise.

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001 hal(_at_)finney(_dot_)org wrote:

We have been looking at the ECC issue and have a few 
comments on the proposed draft by Dominikus Scherkl and
Christoph Fausak.

Broadly speaking it looks very good.

As the IEEE has changed it's proposed standard P1363 to allow
for an additionaly point-compression method with no patents
on it (I worked hardly on this), we should have no problem
with this topic.
But I don't know about the current status of other pending
patents. (Looking at Annex G of IEEE P1363a/D10.8 may be a good
idea, but most of the patents mentioned there cover other parts
of that proposed standard).

I will soon submit an updated version of my (long ago expired)
draft soon...

I'm not against ECC in OpenPGP, but given how close 2440bis 
is to last call, perhaps the ECC specification could go in a
companion RFC?
This way is what I intended with my draft.
And I think there's no need to hurry, too, but

OpenSSL now has ECC in it, and there is an ECC in TLS draft 
being proposed
That's not certain yet, [and the TLS draft is]
... by the same group who did the OpenSSL implementation.

do we realy need to be the last to add ECC to our standard ?

Best regards,
Dominikus Scherkl

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