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Re: let's look... Re: Standardizing inline PGP for e-mail?

2003-01-22 23:30:07

On 23 Jan, Thomas Roessler wrote:
This message contains inline PGP material tagged as text/x-pgp.  I'd
be curious to learn what kind of behaviour this causes.  In
particular, are those whose user agents aren't prepared to handle
PGP by default able to display the "raw" clearsigned material
without problems?

TkRat, just shows a blob stating that here is an object of type
text/x-pgp and some buttons with different actions. One of the actions
is "View as plain text" and selecting that shows the message content. It
also recognizes that it is an embedded pgp message and thus gives the
option to check the signature.


PS I am the author of TkRat so obviously I am biased:-)