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Settling the TIGER question

2003-03-06 07:57:02

Now that bis-07 is out, I'd like to get a TIGER/192 issue settled.

First, to be clear: my intent is NOT to question to use of TIGER, to
suggest other hashes are better, or anything of the like.

Bis-07, in section 9.4 reserves algorithm number 6 for TIGER/192, and
section 12.7 elaborates that it is reserved because it does not have
an OID.  Since that was written, TIGER/192 has been assigned an OID :

I know there have been some comments about dropping TIGER altogether
from the standard.  I have no strong feelings about this either way.
However, if TIGER is going to remain in the standard, then in the
interest of accuracy, we should at least give the OID.


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