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multiple signature packets

2003-08-04 14:41:25

have recently received a clearsigned PGP message that was signed
simultaneously with two different PGP keys,
but it caused 6.5.8ckt (build 8) to crash

the double signed messages can easily be generated from gnupg (command
line only),
but (afaik) not from pgp, even from the command line (2.x or 6.x)

have put up examples here:

have found that the double signed messages were not a problem in pgp
under any circumstances,
and were not a problem for 6.5.8 as long as they weren't clearsigned

would like to request confirmation of this from anyone who uses 6.5.8
or 7.x

the double signed message can be very useful in the following specific

if someone wants to sign and encrypt to two different people, but, for
whatever reason, 
exchanged one key with one recipient and another key with another, and
doesn't want to have the keys uploaded to a server,

then, by double signing, the sender can have the message verified
independently with different keys for different receivers

{sort of cool, actually,   i wish it could be done from pgp ;-)   }

are multiple simultaneous signatures acceptable Open PGP behavior ?



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