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Re: multiple signature packets

2003-08-05 07:26:11

On Mon, 04 Aug 2003 17:03:57 -0700 David Shaw <dshaw(_at_)jabberwocky(_dot_)com>


are multiple simultaneous signatures acceptable Open PGP behavior

The first example you gave was of a nested one-pass signature, and
second example was a clearsigned message with two signatures after

While it is unfortunate that 6.5.8 can't handle them, both of these
constructions are legal in OpenPGP (as per sections 5.4 and 7).

6.5.8 can handle all except the clearsigned messages
(btw, 7.xx acts like 8, and handles everything)

is there a gnupg command syntax that would allow for a nested one pass
signature during clearsigning ?

{not suggesting it, as 6.5.8 can handle the armored signing, so it is
compatible enough,
but am curious if it could somehow be done)



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