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Re: Davis paper revisited // separation of signed and encrypted messages into clearsigned messages

2003-08-23 08:09:30

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 22:18:55 -0400, Don Davis said:

  * a signed-&-encrypted message would include
    the recipient's ID under the signature.

I came later to the conclusion that it is not gpg's task to construct
the notation data but that of a MUA.  This is because a MUA has far
better information on who are the intended recipients and a MUA can
also much better check and display such notation data.  This is
similar to the good practice to warn when a reply is about to send to
someone else than the orginal sender as indicated by the signature.

Adding this to GnuPG would overload it with functions out of its
domain.  GnuPG also does no MIME encoding and other stuff a MUA can do



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