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OpenPGP Meeting Summary

2004-03-03 22:44:21

The following is a short summary of what transpired at the OpenPGP
meeting on March 2nd.  Full minutes will be forthcoming.


OpenPGP met for about 30 minutes on Tuesday.  We discussed status of
2440bis, the list of document issues, and the wg milestones.

STATUS OF RFC 2440BIS:  The document has been opened since 2001 and the
group needs to finish it.  The current draft is -09 with one update known to
be coming.

2440BIS ISSUES: We went through the list of issues.  Many of them were
accepted without comment from the audience.  Issues without proposed
text will be sent back to the originator.  There was some discussion
about end-of-line whitespace canonicalization issues, but again it was
decided to push back to the creator of the issue to actually propose
some text.

MILESTONES: We decided on the the following updated milestones:
        - 2440bis to IESG: May 04 - Proposed
        - multiple sig draft - Remove this from the milestone list aa it's
                               purpose and authors are not known
        - Interop testing to start Aug 2004
        - Advance to draft about Feb 05.

       Derek Atkins                 617-623-3745
       Computer and Internet Security Consultant

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