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Re: Whither the 0x40 timestamp signature?

2004-04-19 21:19:34

I'm not necessarily requesting that 0x40 be fleshed out and clarified:
I'd be just as content to see it dropped.  If, as I assume, the 0x40
is just the same as the 0x50 with a different (human) interpretation,
then perhaps we should just drop it.  If people want to assign human
interpretations to their signatures, let them use notations.

As I remember, it stays there for the same reason that some other seldom-to-never-used signature types are there: for backwards compatibility with their never being used. They are there for the same reason there is old stuff in my garage -- we hope to use it someday.

I'm not sure spring cleaning is warranted, but it's easy enough, if people think so.