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Re: Some thoughts on a v5 key and why it shouldn't be a mess

2005-02-21 15:35:56

At 12:11 PM 2/21/2005 -0500, David Shaw wrote:
A v5 fingerprint is written "algo - colon - data", like 2:12 34 56 78
9A BC DE F0 ...(etc).

One neat thing you could do with this sort of typed, variable-length fingerprint format is try out different 'algos' for shorter, more friendly fingerprints:

Example 1: base32 the first 125 bits of a hash output, for a 25-character fingerprint.

Example 2: search for a hash output beginning with 20 zero bits (< 1 sec on a modern machine; search is done by placing random values in a subpacket), then base32 the subsequent 100 bits for a 20-character fingerprint (with 120-bit security level).

Maybe that's too weird to be standardized, but at least it could be grafted on easily. I.e., a key could be known by a standard 40 or 64-character fingerprint, as well as a 20-character fingerprint in communities that support that extension.