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Re: Tighter MPI spec (and on keychains)

2005-02-25 08:38:06

I don't see any reason we need to change either of these.

We're attempting to get to last call on the document. While there's at least one open discussion (which I'll try to get to soon), we don't need small changes that add no particular value. While these changes may make things clearer for you, they're likely to irritate someone else. Whatever you may think about the present wordings, they are the devil we know and the devil that we've agreed on.

I don't find the MPI changes to be clearer. I find them less clear, but that could be a combination of the hour of the day and that I understand the way things are. And as Ian said, keyrings are out of scope. The reason they are that way is so that someone can store keys however they want and still call it a keyring.

This document shows how the data structures are laid out. There are many higher-level things you can do with them.


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