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Re: Lack of clarity in dash-escaped?

2005-11-30 07:25:53

On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 01:19:31PM +0000, Ian G wrote:

This is an artifact of the old days where
optimisations were cute, and it was I suppose
considered smart to save on calculating over the
last newline.  It is particularly dumb, because
everything else about the job is line based,
but this is an exception with no value other
than creating an exception and thus annoying
the coders.  None that I ever heard, leastways.

I disagree. The current system allows for texts where the last line has no
line ending. It means, that signed text files can be converted back and
forth between clear-signed and one-pass signed representations, without
losing the signature. This is a very neat feature of OpenPGP, that still
makes a lot of sense.

The following implementation actually uses it (requires java plugin):

Unlike hushmail, it does not encrypt clearsigned documents, but if you
decrypt a signed text message, it will output the clearsigned version, which
you can verify. See for usage.