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Re: OpenPGP CFB mode (was Re: Next Steps)

2007-11-07 01:50:10

On 11/6/07, David Shaw <dshaw(_at_)jabberwocky(_dot_)com> wrote:
On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 10:46:49AM -0800, Jon Callas wrote:
Unless a mode change is folded in with a compelling other reason, I
don't see it's worth the bother. Every system has warts. This is not
a large one.

Exactly.  That's why I say that *if* we do this, we should do it as
part of V5 keys.  It's not important enough to do on its own.

I should add that I'm not exactly eager to go down the V5 keys path
without a good reason either.  It would be nice to tweak some V4
details (fingerprints being SHA-1), but I don't think those details
are compelling enough to justify a V5 by themselves.

Agreed.  But instead of V5 keys maybe this should be tied to
stream ciphers?  So instead of _just_ a new mode for block
ciphers, there should be spec for stream ciphers and there could
be block ciphers in counter mode added.

So now the question becomes - are stream ciphers worth it?


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