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Re: OpenPGP CFB mode

2007-11-07 02:41:50

On Tue,  6 Nov 2007 19:46, jon(_at_)callas(_dot_)org said:

If we put in some new mode, the implementations will have to support  
them both for years. If a major or quasi-major implementation balks,  

We are often specifying things in the context that some messages must be
kept confidential for decades.  Thus an implementation needs to support
if for ore than just a few years.  Even after 20 years people might want
to look at archived emails.  Agreed, the public key might not be anymore
safe at that time but I doubt that anyone will go for cracking a key
just for reading some old mails.

Tying a new cipher mode to the key version (v5) is not a good idea
because OpenPGP is also used for symmetric only encryption.  Thus if we
want to move to a new (not patent encumbered) mode it should be done
when defining a new MDC format.



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