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Re: Simplified OpenPGP

2007-11-08 03:16:45

Then pick a different size. I picked 4096 because it's big and apt to  
stay viable for the forseeable future. NIST's numbers say that 3072  
is equivalent to a 128-bit key. On the other hand, I know there's  
still a lot of smartcards and the like that are stuck at 2048. I  
wouldn't go below 2048.

I agree. Simplified OpenPGP should be just simplifed, I mean it is not
used for financial B2B online service or so on.

   AES 128 / SHA256 / DSA 2048-224 / RSA 2048 / ECC 224

I think it is enough for a sort of casual cryptographic usage for next
ten years.


Hironobu SUZUKI <hironobu at h2np dot net>
Tokyo, Japan.

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