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Re: Simplified OpenPGP

2007-11-08 18:49:00

Hironobu SUZUKI <hironobu(_at_)h2np(_dot_)net> writes:

Simplified OpenPGP should be just simplifed, I mean it is not used for
financial B2B online service or so on.

  AES 128 / SHA256 / DSA 2048-224 / RSA 2048 / ECC 224

I think it is enough for a sort of casual cryptographic usage for next ten

Sounds good, with one minor nitpick: I'd recommend combining DSA 2048 with
SHA256, SHA224 is an oddball hash algorithm that seems to be rather poorly
supported (compared to the mainstream SHA256/512), and if you're requiring
SHA256 anyway there's no good reason not to just use that with DSA.


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