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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-openpgp-camellia-00.txt

2007-11-27 23:24:18

Hironobu SUZUKI <hironobu(_at_)h2np(_dot_)net> wrote:
Yes.  I already have discussed about it with a NTT person who is a team
leader of Camellia project. They will give an IPR for OpenPGP.

When I sent my email to him yesterday, he replied very quickly. "It was
done at 6 month ago". And NTT Licensing Group did their job very
quickly. OMG ;-)

IPR is as below:

  Submitted Date: July 4, 2007 

  I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")
  Legal Name:   Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company and Mitsubishi Electric 

  II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application
  Name:         Isamu Yoshimatsu
  Title:        Senior Manager, Licensing Group
  Department:   Intellectual Property Center
  Address1:     Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

  III. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates:
  Designations for Other Contributions: Camellia

It's OK?


Hironobu SUZUKI <hironobu at h2np dot net>
Tokyo, Japan.