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Re: ECC in OpenPGP proposal

2008-02-26 14:32:51

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On Feb 21, 2008, at 3:45 AM, Ian G wrote:

Andrey Jivsov wrote:
Hello Ian, thank you for your comments.

Thanks for response.  I have not responded in detail to all your  
responses, we might be better off both seeing how the rest of the  
group chimes in.  Instead I've just amplified my points where there  
was some divergence.

On background, when it comes to agility, I am a little bit of a  
nazi.  To me, choice is bad, nasty, evil.  This is because the  
choice does no good for the user, and lots and lots of bad.


I agree that there is virtue in limiting choice. However, there are a  
lot of people who want ECC, particularly in the context of Suite B. In  
the not-to-distant future, this will be a requirement.

There are also other changes we will need to do on the horizon. For  
example, someday there will be an AHS hash algorithm set from NIST. Do  
we not to that, either? The argument you give is to have no choices.

For the people who want more, is to use S/MIME? If so, and if that's  
the decision of the working group -- well, I disagree, but rough  
consensus is rough consensus. My company does both OpenPGP and S/MIME.  
If the answer to people who want Suite B is that we support it with S/ 
MIME, that's fine. It is also a huge disappointment, because I would  
like to satisfy people's ECC and Suite B needs with OpenPGP, but we  
can always migrate people to S/MIME who need that.


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