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Re: ECC in OpenPGP proposal

2008-02-27 16:10:05

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For the record, I agree there should be a Suite B !  It is an  
economic reality, a real-world requirement.  When NIST/NSA speaks,  
that's it.

The short summary of my argument is that there should one and only  
one MUST profile for Suite B, and that it should be the strong one /  
Top Secret.

Other lesser profiles could be MAY, or if you let the agility nazis  
have their way, absent, as they have no economic use and lots and  
lots of costs to users.

(The reason I say that 'Secret' could be a MAY is that there are  
complicated blah blahs in the government/security world that  
sometimes force suppliers to provide several modes, against good  
security practice.)

(I'm aware of the "mobile" argument that was raised in the previous  
post.  I would say that the mobile boys propose a "mobile" profile.   
That's because mobile has other aspects that aren't necessarily  
considered in Suite B.)


For a number of reasons, ECC/Suite B is going to be a MAY. You will be  
permitted to make an OpenPGP application that doesn't do it.

(Presently, our MUST algorithms are DSA, Elgamal, 3DES, and SHA1.  
Changing MUSTs is a can of worms and I don't think any IETF standard  
is handling it well.)

Like many things coming out of NIST, they come in three flavors, 128- 
bit security, 192-bit, and 256-bit. I have no objection myself to  
canning the 192-bit ones. I'm of the opinion that if you need more  
than 128, you should go to 256. In many cases, there isn't even a  
performance win on the 192-bit system.

However, there are very good arguments for doing 192-bit as well, and  
one of those arguments is that it may be easier to do the 192-bit  
versions than to explain why you didn't.

I don't see how we can simplify past dropping 192.

There are also other changes we will need to do on the horizon.  
For  example, someday there will be an AHS hash algorithm set from  
NIST. Do  we not to that, either? The argument you give is to have  
no choices.

Yes.  AHS is years away, if AES was any guide.  AHS won't improve  
overall security markedly over SHA256-512 family. NIST/NSA will also  
have to update Suite B when AHS comes out.

When all that dust settles, then is the time to reconsider it.  I  
would plan on Suite B (one profile) now and know that in 5 or 7  
years we will need to do a Suite B-bis.

The NIST schedule has a decision made in 2012. The submissions must be  
made this August.

For the people who want more, is to use S/MIME? If so, and if  
that's  the decision of the working group -- well, I disagree, but  
rough  consensus is rough consensus. My company does both OpenPGP  
and S/MIME.  If the answer to people who want Suite B is that we  
support it with S/ MIME, that's fine. It is also a huge  
disappointment, because I would  like to satisfy people's ECC and  
Suite B needs with OpenPGP, but we  can always migrate people to S/ 
MIME who need that.

I think there should be a Suite B, in OpenPGP.

And, to forestall the outrage, I fully expect to not get consensus  
on my plea to reduce agility :)  We waited for 10 years to get the  
current OpenPGP draft, so we can wait another 10 years to find out  
why it took 10 years...



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