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Re: OpenPGP keys and Suite-B

2008-06-15 20:02:39

Greeting! As we agreed earlier on the list, I significantly trimmed references to Suite-B.

Some of us wanted completely remove Suite-B, while others felt that it should exist to add valuable endorsement. I think the middle ground is to leave informative references to Suite B, which tell how to use the specification with each level of security. These references are limited to "protocol level" of Suite-B compliance.

I would like to believe that once we settle this thread, the technical content of the document will be largely complete.

The other pending issue is Curve ID v.s. OID, which would have required significant re-write of the document, because IDs presently appear in many packets, profiles, and data that we hash. However, it looks to me that this issue has "coin toss" / "don't care" status for most, so I would like to avoid the burden of re-editing.

In summary, Suite B is the only notable change in the following latest version:

The same version is available in other formats that support cross-references as navigation links here:

I intend to submit this edition as -01 revision of the IETF draft as soon as there are no contentions. I will wait until at least June 25th.

Thank you.

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