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Re: OpenPGP keys and Suite-B, new revision

2008-06-22 21:52:43


In the interest of moving forward with the specification I changed the document to use OIDs for curves. Please take a look at latest

(also available in other formats here:

* I treated OIDs as binary arrays throughout document, as we discussed. ASN.1 parser is not required to identify the curve. * The "curve OID" used to identify a curve is a portion of OID, as Werner suggested. We drop two bytes from ASN.1 DER representation of OID. The method to create "curve OID" is defined in section 10. * This edition also includes Suite-B changes that I posted earlier in ...01-pre-00.txt.

I will wait until at least July 6 before submitting this as a second revisions of the draft to IETF.

I will appreciate your comments. Thank you.