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Re: [openpgp] comments on draft-mccain-keylist-02

2019-02-13 05:11:24

Excellent points and I'm glad that the draft has been published on this ML for a discussion in a wider audience.

As far as I understood draft-mccain-keylist-02 its goals can already be achieved with a combination of already existing features:

1. Discovering keys for company employees - using "e-mail to key" lookup (e.g. WKD)

2. Trusting that these keys are authentic - by signing an Authority Key and setting ownertrust to full. This can be done only once and it works for all future keys. Even with draft-mccain-keylist-02 one needs to do that to know which keys are trusted. There is one variation of this scheme - by using Trust Signatures one can trust Authority Key to keys from the company domain only.

3. Keeping keys up to date - why not just refresh all keys in the local keyring? (e.g. `gpg --refresh-keys` or something similar). (GnuPG will refresh expired keys over WKD if they were fetched with WKD [0]).


If the problem is that people verify signatures and the keys are not present I think applications have appropriate options to fetch keys automatically (e.g. `gpg --auto-key-retrieve`).

I like the point of using .well-known for a keyring of all people but from what I've heard on GitHub the ability to host keylist on a different domain is desired:

There's no reason to trust the server that hosts the keylist file. We already 
don't trust it -- FLM hosts our keylist on GitHub.


Kind regards,


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