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Re: [openpgp] User ID Attribute Subpacket

2019-02-20 04:39:59
Hi Justus,

On 20.02.2019 11:30, Justus Winter wrote:
Based on these observations I challenge the claim that the proposed
subpacket adds any value to the standard, and propose to remove it.

I agree.

Actually from my casual skimming of the device certifications draft I see most of the changes can be implemented over what is already in OpenPGP.

As you've said - User IDs are quite flexible [0] and the other change of device certifications - standard notations (that is notation names that doesn't contain "@") could just use regular notation names (e.g. 'manu' Notation could be 'manu@device-certs.example').

That would keep OpenPGP as small as possible without parts that most implementations would basically omit.

Having said that I wasn't around when it was conceived so probably there is some rationale for its inclusion.

Kind regards,

[0] I did experiment with putting URIs in User IDs for extended info (


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