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Re: [openpgp] 1PA3PC: first-party attested third-party certifications (making Key Server Prefs no-modify actionable)

2019-09-06 02:55:26
On Sun,  1 Sep 2019 22:22, dkg(_at_)fifthhorseman(_dot_)net said:

Of these three, it looks to me like "Intended Recipient" (MR 19) already
has multiple interoperable implementations, and "Attested
Certifications"+"Attestation Key Signature" (MR 20) appears to be
relatively uncontroversial.

I have merged these two patches.

"Designated Revoker" (MR 18) has raised the most objections on the list,
perhaps in part because it explicitly deprecates the old "Revocation
Key" subpacket.

I didn't stepped into the discussion but I do not see a reason for it.
it adds so much complexity to this area and it seems to be out of scope
of the original goal of that WG.  In fact we already added more stuff
than planned and long winding discussion about implementaion details led
to the clsong of the WG.

The attestation thing is really useful to keep current OpenPGP workflows

Perhaps we should make a new revision of rfc4880bis with MRs 19 and 20
merged, since the jury is still out on MR 19.  Then we can use that as
the basis for the IANA pre-allocation.  Does that seem like a reasonable
next step?

Will do so.



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