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Re: Charter updates, changes, etc.

2001-03-28 11:27:41
At 09:53 3/28/2001 -0800, Mark Nottingham wrote:

Just a tangental thought-

In some countries, copyright is achieved through the act of authoring
a document (i.e., it's automatic)...

Which could make for some potentially nasty problems in cases where content hosters request modification of some kind and the content producer has not. (Hence, to some degree, the highly publicized Yahoo! Geocities copyright policy, among others.)

While the stuff we're doing here should be enabling in nature (if someone uses it for illegal purposes it's their fault) I think we need to carefully consider the "fair use" cases. I'm curious as to the legality of a 3rd party modifying content on my behalf for my "fair use".


On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 05:17:41AM -0800, Thomas Hardjono wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been following this list (passively) since last year.
> I was just wondering if anyone has brought-up the issue of copyright
> when content is modified, and the callout-server providing a rights-checking
> service in conjunction with content modification. This would imply that
> the content itself would have to carry additional information/bits
> indicating which parts were subject to copyright, and thus should not
> be modified.

As I understand it, much of the rights management would center around a deal being made between content adapting intermediary operators and the content "providers" on the basis of URIs.

A possible added complication to such a simplistic model is the case where a provider is reproducing content under license.

> My first reaction was that the callout servers would be a suitable
> place to do all these rights-related functions. Does the ExtProxy/OPES folks
> here think this way, or would such callout servers be too complicated.
> Does iCAP allow for modification of more complex stuff (eg. MPEG4 streams)?
> Any comments,
> Thomas
> ------
> hardjono(_at_)nortelnetworks(_dot_)com

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